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5 Ways to Get Your Kitchen Back in Shape After the Holidays

Posted on January 6, 2019 by Anonymous

Five Ways to Get Your Kitchen Back In Shape After the Holidays

Just like the never ending series of holiday parties can have an effect on the ‘cleanliness’ of our bodies, the same effect is felt by our kitchens. They have what seems like an extra layer of clutter, there are more grime and dirt, and generally just more mess.

Thankfully though a solution is at hand! Just like a good detox for your body, there is a simple and effective way for your kitchen to get back into shape for a bunch of healthy cooking in the New Year, clear from all the holiday party extra weight.

Here are out top five ways to get your kitchen clean and back in shape after the holidays:

1) Give your fridge a good cleaning (inside!). Clear out or freeze leftovers, cook up foods you don’t want to waste, make a list of all the items you need to eat ASAP, and while you are at it clean as you organize. A clean and organized fridge makes for happy meal times. Check out our tips for how to clean out your refrigerator: 7 Steps to a Cleaner Fridge.

2) Clean all your appliances. I’m sure it must feel like you’ve wiped your counters down a million times, but your appliances need some love too. Check out our tips for cleaning:

3) Give the entire kitchen a good natural clean. You’ll want to be sure you get counters, floors, windows, blinds, even the inside of your microwave. A clean kitchen is safe and a happy place to make great food and gather. Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean the gathering stops…. It just means more carrot sticks! Check out our tips for The Best Natural Cleaning Solutions for Your Home.

4) Wipe down cupboards & rearrange dishes. Put away your holiday dishes and gravy boats and while you are at it, give the inside of your cupboards a good wipe down. This mid-season cleaning helps keep your dishes spick and span, and also helps you organized. This is also a great time to donate any unused holiday dishes or décor items to your local reuse centre.

5) Declutter and set your kitchen up for success. The New Year is a great time to set your kitchen up for successful eating and enjoyment of life. Get rid of unhealthy foods or small appliances that help you indulge (deep fryer anyone!?). Instead focus on healthy habits and the things you kitchen needs to help you along (new juicer?!).

And now that you’ve got your kitchen back into tip top shape, use these tips to help keep your kitchen clean moving forward: 3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean.

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