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3 Things to Do BEFORE You Remodel Your Kitchen

Posted on January 10, 2019 by Anonymous

3 Things to Do BEFORE You Remodel Your Kitchen

Do you think you are ready for a big kitchen renovation? Have you spent hours on Pinterest creating the perfect dream kitchen and are ready to get the show on the road? I love your energy and enthusiasm, but there are few key things you should do before you even begin the process of launching into a kitchen redesign.

1. Consider Your Budget

Money can’t buy happiness, but it does buy new kitchens. When it comes to kitchen renovation or remodel, the budget can get high very quickly. You’ll want to know a very realistic number and also set aside a little for emergencies.

If you can’t squeeze an extra cent out of your budget and no hammer has swung yet, you need to reconsider. In any household project there will be unforeseen costs and issues, especially in a kitchen requiring power and water. Know your budget and stick to it.

2. Consider Your Space

What kind of space do you have to work with? Are you able to rethink closets, powder rooms or other spaces around your kitchen as part of this project? (see budget above though!) How much room do you have for all the things your kitchen needs to do? Be sure to measure out appliances and how much room you need to walk, open doors, and use the space effectively.

3 Things to Do BEFORE You Remodel Your Kitchen

3. Needs Vs. Wants

You might want a giant six-burner stove, but the small space you have will only accommodate a four burner. You might want a pot filler over the stove, but installing water adds extra to the budget.

When it comes to a kitchen remodel or update, you have needs and wants, and so does your space. The perfect kitchen is one that balances out the needs of the space, the wants and needs of the user, and fits it all into the budget. It is definitely easier said than done, but my suggestion is to start with a list and go from there.

At BrandSource we’ve seen many kitchen remodels and projects and are happy to help you weigh the pros and cons of all the types of appliances so you can get the kitchen that is best for you.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert


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